The fondation des trois cyprès

The Fondation des trois cyprès was created in 2010 under the aegis of the Fondation de France,
its aim is to help the pays d’Apt became a place of welcome for social solidarity.


Rendez-vous le dimanche 3 juin 2018
pour le Rallye de la solidarité en Pays d’Apt


Ce rallye se clôturera par

  • soit « un repas sorti du sac »
  • soit par un repas froid au montant de 17 € /personne

Les inscriptions se font

De plus amples explications vous seront fournies lors de votre inscription.
(Bulletin d’inscription à télécharger)

Nous serons très heureux de vous accueillir pour cette journée de la solidarité et de la bonne humeur.


New forms of Social Solidarity

Construct together

The Foundation works together with charitable Associations in the Pays d’Apt who provide, amongst other things, social housing or aid for social and professional insertion for young people.

These charities, who are increasingly called upon, have difficulty fulfilling their mission, especially when it comes to expanding their field of action. The Foundation helps these Associations finance capital projects. It also collaborates with them to mobilise financial expertise, collect funding and find sponsors. It also helps Associations, both social and cultural, to pool their resources so that they can promote projects of social solidarity by and for young people.

A new Social Solidarity

The Foundation mobilises private resources for public projects as an alternative or complement to State and local activities.

Sponsorship, which has long been used in Anglo Saxon countries and profits from fiscal advantages, has taken time to develop here.

However, it can make possible new forms of social solidarity which take account of emerging needs and the evolution of modern know- how and technology.

A rooted Foundation

The Foundation is one of the rare foundations in France which concerns itself with a specific area. It was created by Provencal people, either by adoption or birth, it carries a name, the trois cyprès which is a local symbol of Provencal hospitality and its field of activity is for and with the Pays d’Apt.

It also develops its actions in conjunction with those who work already on the ground, with charitable Associations who have projects and with potential donors. It allows individuals and companies a simple and direct way of acting on behalf of their local area and to see concretely and immediately the impact of their donations.

Create a link

The Foundation creates a link between communities which live in the Pays d’Apt without meeting each other; the better off with the very poor, the well lodged with the homeless, people of passage and Provencal people.

In the same way, it allows young people to expand their cultural, social and professional horizons. It creates a link between the young and the less young, between here and elsewhere, between the known and the unknown.

Because of the particular geographic situation in the Pays d’Apt, here more than elsewhere there are difficulties of transport, little job training or job offers which restrict the opportunities for young people. Here more than elsewhere the richness and networks, both national and international, sit side by side with poverty and solitude. The Foundation’s aim is to create a social link, and to create a human chain that is more solid and more equitable.

Rose Meunier
President of the Executive Committee

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