Fondation des trois cyprès


The Fondation des trois cyprès was created in 2010 under the aegis of the Fondation de France at the initiative of the inhabitants of the Pays d’Apt, Jacques Chanet, Brigitte Obels, Eliane and Philippe Casanova.

They mobilised around people who were Provençal by origin or adoption who wanted the pays d’Apt became a place of welcome for social solidarity who were grouped around the association ‘Les amis des Trois cyprès’ co- founder with Jacques Chanet of the foundation.

The trois cyprès is the provençal symbol at the entrance of a house and signifies that the traveller can find a welcome, a place to stay and food. This corresponds precisely with the objective of social solidarity which inspired the action of the Fondation since its origin.

Our objective

The first objective was to help associations for social solidarity with capital investments, (constructions or improvements) which improved or expanded their capacity for action.

The Bergerie of Berdine in St Martin de Castillon, which welcomes people in difficulty, socially, psychologically or economically, has benefitted for several years from the support of the Foundation, as has HAPA (Hébergement et accueil en pays d’Apt) which is a centre for the homeless.

In 2014, the Fondation des trois cyprès, in association with the Fondation de France engaged in a discussion with local actors with a view to expanding their activities. This resulted in a decision to support projects which help young people both professionally and socially in the pays d’Apt.

This resulted in a new convention signed in July 2015 with the Fondation de France.


The Foundation raises funds from its founders, their various networks and the inhabitants of the Pays d’Apt. Because of the aegis of the Fondation de France, donors benefit from financial advantages offered to foundations by the French government.


Like all foundations under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Fondation des trois cyprès has an Executive Committee comprising two colleges. The one is composed of administrators appointed by the founders, Jacques Chanet and the Association des amis des trois cyprès. The other comprises co-opted qualified local people.

The Executive Committee decides the strategy, the collection and direction of funds, assures the good governance of ongoing projects and delivers an annual report to donors. It meets with a representative of the Fondation de France.

The Association des amis des trois cyprès

Since a foundation can not have members, the Association des amis des trois cyprès permits those who wish to participate in the activities of the trois cyprès by additional means as well as giving a donation.

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