Projects undertaken

Since its creation, the Fondation des trois cyprès’ objective has been to finance capital residential projects and improvements undertaken by local associations for social solidarity.

Additionally, since 2015 we have expanded our objectives to include helping young people who need help professionally and socially.


Current projects

The caravan of possibilities

Since 2016: Helping young people with their personal projects both professional and social.

HAPA (centre for the homeless)

  • 2017: Second expansion of the Recycling centre with the extension of the shelter of 240 sq. m. This was inaugurated on 22 April 2017 at an open day (“Portes ouvertes”).
  • 2015: First expansion if the recycling centre with an exterior shelter of 120sq m
  • 2014: Acquisition of a hangar of 110 sq. m on the HAPA site and subsequent opening of a recycling centre. Construction of a shelter for the extension of the recycling centre and acquisition of a lorry to pick up unwanted objects for the centre
  • 2011: Construction of a communal room of 60 sq. m
  • 2010: Construction of 8 studios for individual or shared occupation, each conforming to the norm of 20sq m, to replace the temporary structures and also a reception centre.

Bergerie de Berdine

  • 2015: Installation of a water purification centre for used water and purchase of materials for wood chopping
  • 2014: Renovation of rooms and offices
  • 2011 & 2012: Improvements of the accommodation for short, medium and long term residents. Renovation of the bathrooms and washroom facilities

African film Festival

  • 2016: Helping the participation of young people from the pays d’Apt in the festival

Fresco in the place Jean Jaurès in Apt

  • 2013: Aiding the children from local schools paint a fresco

Therapeutic garden for Apt hospital

  • 2013: Helping with the making of a garden in the hospital to improve the quality of life for patients and their visitors.

Shared gardens of Rimayon

  • 2012: Replacement of 11 old huts
  • 2011: Financing a solar power centre

Creation of an antenna “Roulez-Mobilité in the pays d’Apt- “ZAPT”

  • 2011: Facilitating the mobility of people looking for work or who want to have social contact but who have no means of transport.

Restaurant du Coeur

  • 2011: Renovation and installation in new premises for this charity that help feed people without means.

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