The Fondation de France

The Fondation des trois cyprès is placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France which guarantees transparency and rigour of action.


The Fondation de France is a member of the Comité de la Charte for confidential donations and is engaged to respect this charter and place itself under their control. A foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France also benefits from its wide range of competence, financial, patrimonial, judicial, fiscal, as ell expertise on social questions.

Fiscal Advantages.

The Fondation des trois cyprès, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, allows its donors to benefit from the following fiscal advantages

A strong collaboration.

There is a strong collaboration between the Fondation des trois cyprès and the Fondation de France in particular through a regional representative of the Fondation de France. We develop a common approach founded in our proximity to each other and a knowledge on the ground.


Cécile Malo

representative of the Fondation de France

What is the singularity of the Fondation des trois cyprès? And how can it be considered as an exemplary foundation?

To me the Fondation des trois cyprès illustrates the perfect example of a philanthropic high quality project serving its area. This type of activity permits not only to finance the needs of the area but also to make contact between different types of people who rarely have contact with each other. The foundations and the donors have the means, the associations who have the need for help for their projects in the area.

What is your opinion of a foundation like this whose aim is to root itself in a geographic area?

It is a pertinent idea which is now developing. The raising of funds privately to help an area develop responds an increasing need in the context of diminishing financing by the public sector whilst people’s need do not cease to grow. These projects are therefore very interesting for fund raising and for their capacity to stay in touch with local associations. The two work hand in hand together.

How did the relationship between the two foundations start?

This collaboration is part of the mission of the Fondation de France which consists of sheltering and accompanying other foundations. Today we have more than 700 foundations under our wing. I must underline that we have a special link with the Fondation des trois cyprès. We have developed a real collaboration with this foundation so that new projects for social solidarity can take off in the pays d’Apt. The expertise and proximity is for us is very important. Also, thanks to the initial strength of the Trois cyprès, we will be able to work long term together, which will let us do more and better in this area.

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